Maria Virginia Spiritual Writer


Jesus has been traveling with me throughout my study of the saints since 2012, but I didn’t recognize Him right there next to me until May 10, 2017. This spiritual awakening helped me journey through my recognition, escape, and healing from psychological abuse.

Check out my archives and/or begin journeying along with me now as I ponder God, spiritual awakenings, saints, their recipes for faithful living, angels, nature, recovery, books, and foods. Blessed Mother Mary is my namesake and Muse, and St. Francis of Assisi is my birthday patron and inspiration. Without my connection to them, this blog wouldn’t exist.

I’m writing a book about the Gospel Saints. I may or may not also be writing a spiritual journey memoir called “Connections.” If I decide to go for it, this would be the cover:

I’m a retired (and divorced) stay-at-home mom with a boy and a girl in college. I live in Wilmington, NC, with two inside cats and several outside underwater koi. I’m a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where I’m studying Education for Ministry (EfM), Year Two.

I’m the creator of the Bohemian Writers Coffee Club where craft comes first, unless we’re drinking coffee and discussing craft, then drinking coffee and discussing craft comes first. Join us on Facebook.

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