Level 1
Attend church on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.
Take a meditative yoga class once a week.
Walk or run in the forest or by the shoreline once a week. 
The park counts!
Learn how to meditate.
At your own pace, read the Gospel of Luke, Matthew, Mark, OR John, casually as if you were reading a magazine story.
Eat consciously. Is it good for you? How much is satisfying?
Give up alcohol, just to see if you can do it. If you can’t, you might want to look into that.
Play Lent Madness. Because learning and laughing is fun. And fun is good.
Volunteer your time to a good cause.
Level 2
Attend church on the High Holy Days and every Sunday during Lent.
If yoga appeals, increase your attendance.
Do walking, running, or sitting mediation in the forest or by the shoreline.
Devote yourself to hands-on-prayer, such as cooking, gardening, or baking for others. Or do needlework projects for charity.
Finger labyrinths my friend Michelle sewed for her church’s Sunday school.
These things impress me to no end mostly because I can’t even spell “labyrinth,” let a alone pronounce it properly. At all.
At your own pace, read the Gospel of Luke, Matthew, Mark, AND John, casually as if you were reading a magazine story.
Consider alternative health treatments in addition to whatever traditional medical care you are receiving. For example, chiropractic, Reiki or other hands-on energy healing/massage, nutritional overview, etc. Catch up on your well exams.
Peruse the Saint Biographies category in my archives with the idea of connecting to whichever Saint has been standing by waiting for you to recognize them as your very own patron saint. Trust me, you’ll know.
Donate to a good cause.
Level 3
Volunteer at church either during the services or behinds the scenes.
Listen to God during meditative time in nature, exercise, devotions, or create a dedicated opening for divine listening during contemplative prayer.
Read the four Gospels with a focus on connections.
Give up a bad habit during Lent. Consider it a baby step toward giving it up all together.
Read the book that’s calling you the loudest from your to-read shelve.
Take your contributions of talent, time, effort, and/or money to the next level. Maybe even create a good cause, or accept the responsibility of empathetic leadership of an established good cause with an empty leadership slot.
Option at Any Level
Pray Mary’s Rosary every day during Lent. Use a quality prayer book to guide you in understanding Jesus Christ through the eyes and heart of His mother. Every day. Even Sunday. Expect miracles galore. Seriously, brace yourself.
 Excellent Rosary prayer book for Episcopalians because it’s light on RC dogma. Highly recommend!
Don’t panic! Pick and chose the idears that appeal to YOU and no one else — you’re in charge of your own Lent. Cut yourself slack if you skip a day. One thing at a time, one step at a time. You got this.

Happy Lent.

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