Welp, I’m back. *sigh* So cliché. I bet y’all thought I’d be back at some point. *sigh* If only we could see these things for ourselves at the beginning. But the journey is real and the journey is necessary.

As you may recall, Blessed Mother Mary  turned me over to St. Michael and all Angels about nine months ago. Nine months ago. Yes, she does speak to me in metaphors. Stop writing, she said. Go exploring. You’ll be fine. Everything’ll be fine. Have faith and trust.

I learned so much on this recent journey (most of which I shared along the way on my Facebook page). I considered several different vocations, caught up on some of my reading, granted myself the privilege of a weekly beach meander, dove headlong into new church volunteer activities in town and at youth conferences, and celebrated my role as full-time mom which now includes a fun supporting part in my daughter’s life in the theater.

Yet, my future vocation remained unclear. Would I even continue to write? And if so, would I write a book or start a new blog? The messages I received from the Angels were always different versions of the same theme – stand by, we are working on this for you, trust us, we’ve got you, you are loved and surrounded by many heavenly beings sent to you by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stand by; we are working on this for you. And then, boom, it happened. And it wasn’t pretty.

A relationship challenge.

TMI to go into here. But I learned something extremely valuable which I can share. When you call someone out on something, you’ve got to let them have their defensive reaction. Don’t take it personally. Be strong and flexible like a reed in the wind.

Be patient. Figure out what you need from the relationship. And when the time feels right, ask for it. Be vulnerable and graceful.

Accept that some people cannot handle your vulnerability nor welcome your grace. These are people whom you need to cut or limit ties with because the relationship is unhealthy. But, and here’s the big recent lesson for me, don’t let the conditioning of past experiences muddy your perspective of the current situation.

Rejoice that most people will respond positively to your request and your grace.

As soon as I learned that, Blessed Mother Mary called me home to these pages via a friend’s suggestion.

My heart had been saying don’t let go of Saints and Recipes, but I didn’t know how to stay. Then my brain kicked in and ‘splained that I no longer had to post detailed saints biographies here. I can blog about the saints, AND I can blog about recipes for faithful living. It’s all about my understanding of the word “and” in Saints and Recipes.

Saints and Recipes will be different than it was before because I’m different — reborn with a new perspective of who I am and who my dearworthy readers actually are and what you might like in a spiritual blog.

Climb aboard as I journey on to bring us that horizon.

(Originally posted on February 6, 2016 to Saints and Recipes on Blogger.)

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